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​Often when adverse life circumstances occur, such as a death or major surgery/ accident, support systems tend to dwindle after 1-2 months.  It may appear that the person or family affected by the negative or life-changing  circumstances is functioning again and that the acute phase of healing is over.  However, emotional pain often lingers for longer than what others perceive.  Grow the Vine Community Connection can help provide emotional support through meals, encouraging cards, phone calls, text messages, and emails on an ongoing or intermittent basis for an extended period of time well past the 1-2 month mark.  Prayers and hugs are always offered. 

*Personal delivery of meals  from our volunteers is only available in Polk County at this time.


People experiencing difficult circumstances need a little extra boost sometimes to keep their mood up. Compassion Care Packages are  individualized to the person/child or family based on their likes, hobbies, or needs.  Examples might include a movie theater package, wellness package, sports package, child comfort packages or other personalized or themed packages. Each package also includes a scroll of encouraging scriptures.


Educational seminars are hosted ​periodically to address how to deal with the negative effects that adverse life circumstances have on the body, mind and soul.  Topics might include dealing with grievance or chronic conditions, bereavement, stress management, or divorce care.

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