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"Courage to Grow" 


       This scholarship was established in memory of Antonio "Tony" Hipolito Barrientes, who unexpectedly passed away at 42 years old in April of 2017 in Orlando, Florida. After serving in the United States Army for 12 years, Tony started a small window cleaning business while simultaneously going back to school for personal and occupational growth. Tony graduated with his Associates of Arts degree in 2015 in Business Management and Marketing. He became involved in business networking groups, mentored individuals interested in developing a business, and rallied to help people within his local community. When Tony passed away, he had not yet fulfilled his education or business goals. This scholarship is designed to be an extension of Tony's passion to help others succeed and to support those that have the courage to endure hard work to grow and improve their lives.



Age: 30 years+


Florida resident

Applicant must be accepted or currently enrolled part- or full-time in a technical, 2- or 4-year accredited school; proof of acceptance or enrollment required. Graduate students are not eligible


GPA: If 1 or more semesters have been completed, cumulative GPA of 2.8+


Essay Requirement: In 1-2 pages, tell your story of hardship or adverse/negative circumstances* that you have endured and how this scholarship will help support your courage to grow and improve your quality of life.

*adverse events/circumstances might include but not limited to: disability, major surgery/injury, chronic medical/mental health condition, caring for dependent with chronic condition, loss of loved one, loss of home, trauma, or abuse

Letter of Nomination or Reference 

Award Amount: one to four scholarships in the amount of $1000-1500 per scholarship will be awarded annually depending on funding; non-renewable

Preference given to: Residents of Alachua, Orange, and Polk Counties; 

Veterans; Applicants with dependents and applicants demonstrating financial need


Payment of scholarship will be made directly to the recipient's school

   "Courage to Grow" by Rebelution, one of Tony's Favorite Bands

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